My doe gave birth outside the hutch!

by Louise

I have two female bunnies living in the same door's male rabbit has escaped a few times and mated with mine. Today I went out and saw a baby bunny dead in the garden...(not sure if a cat had it) anyway... I checked the hutch and no others but then as I was looking round the garden I noticed fur in the large rubble bag (we are renovating the garden) and when I looked there was a fur nest and babies in there...

I didn't know what to do but knew they couldn't stay in rubble bag cuz of cold, foxes and cats so I have separated the 2 female rabbits and I carefully carried the whole nest and put it in the hutch with the mummy...

Have I done the right thing? Will the mum know where to find them as she didn't seem to go near them after that...

Any advice would be much appreciated...

Many thanks x

***Karen Sez***
Very good job, Louise. I'd guess everything will be fine - the mum will visit her babies in the evening when she feels it's safe. In the AM, you could check to be sure the tummies are round and full. Have fun!

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