Miss Erica

by Erica Holding
(Franklin Tasmania)

Our house rabbit gave birth to her first litter on Saturday (2 days ago) and she is doing a terrific job of caring for the kits. She has been her usual gorgeous self with a huge appetite but this morning I noticed a little blood on the floor and when she used the litter tray there was a significant amount of blood with her stools. Is this normal?

We live a long way from a vet and didn't want to disturb her if it is nothing to worry about.

***** Karen Sez *****
Given that your doe just kindled a litter, it is possible that the blood is from her birth canal. Bleeding two days after kindling is not normal but it is hard to guess whether or not there is something to worry about.

If the doe has retained a kit and she hemorrhages, she could die. If she had a simple late stillbirth which she ate, everything will work out fine. You can wait it out, your you can disturb your vet, as you put it. That's what vets are for.

You might feel more comfortable if you can see that the doe is acting completely normal and healthy.

Is your doe older than, say, 2 years? If so, then more health scenarios must be ruled out if the bleeding doesn't completely stop very soon.

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