Mini Rex Rendezvous with Jackrabbits

by Lauri
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I have two female mini rex rabbits. I just discovered they have been getting out at night and meeting up with jack rabbits. I have fixed the problem of them getting out.

But I have no idea if they are pregnant. Or how far along they may be if they are. They are in the same cage, which is really big. If they are pregnant can they be in the same cage to have their kits?

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Mar 15, 2011
Those Sneaky Little Bunnies
by: Moderator

LOL! Yours are VERY GOOD questions. Thanks for posting them. We're glad you patched the cage or fence holes.

I'm certain your little bunny-girls were completely safe in the arms of those jackrabbits, lol. The chromosome differences between the two species means there is no chance of offspring from any matings between true hares (including jackrabbits), or cottontails, or domestic rabbits. Just for the record, hares have 48 chromosomes, domestic rabbits have 44, and cottontails have 46 or 52 chromosomes, depending on cottontail species.

So no worries!

The bigger question is: are you SURE those were hares your Mini Rex were cavorting with, and not other domestic rabbit escapees? If the rendezvous' were witnessed, it should be fairly obvious if those were hares or rabbits. (Heheh, maybe you should palpate their tummies in about a week and a half, just in case?!)

If your rabbits' cage is really big, AND if the two rabbits get along really well, AND if they rendezvoused with rabbits (oops!) and not hares or cottontails, the same cage should be fine. I'd watch them closely however. Hormones can do funny things to best bunny-buddies. If they start getting testy with each other, then you'll know that one of them's gotta go to new quarters.

Pleeeze let us know the rest of the story!

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