Mini Lop Pregnancy

by Helen Woodward
(Coalville UK)

I have bred my Mini Lop doe for the first time and she is now 36 days pregnant and I can feel kits in the tummy but she hasn't started making a nest yet. How much longer should I leave her?

***** Karen Sez *****
Hmm, 36 days for a large-headed small breed rabbit is for me the outer limit of normal, especially if you can still feel live kits in her belly. The concern is that the first kit can get stuck in the womb and not allow the live births of any of the kits. The situation might be dangerous for the doe's survival as well.

Question is: Are you feeling the motion of the intestines, or the kicks of little feet? It can be confusing, until you've seen both types of motion. Then it'll be fairly obvious to you.

Don't wait too much longer for the doe to deliver on her own. If no kits within 24 or so hours, it might be time to get a rabbit-vet's opinion.

Good luck on everything.

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