Mean mommy bunny:(

by Jamie
(North Carolina)

mommy and daddy

mommy and daddy

My rabbit had 6 baby bunnies. Now if I try to go and check on them she wants to push her way in between me and the babies. I'm scared she's gonna bite me. She has never bitten anyone or scratched me. but she seems to want to now! Then if I go to pet her when I'm done she runs away from me like shes mad what do I do?!

****Karen Sez****
Good for you for checking on the bunnies - they're as cute as buttons.

Don't put people-thoughts into your bunny's head; instead, try to figure out what bunny-thoughts she's thinking. If you had a fresh new litter of youngsters, wouldn't you feel protective too?

So yeah, you're right to fear she might bite or scratch...she might, too. But it's not meanness driving her, it's mommy-hormones, and she'll calm down in a week or two.

In the meantime, you still need to check the babies now and again. You can let the doe know she doesn't have to be afraid in the tone of your voice, the consistency of your actions, and the firmness of your hand.

While the doe is being this protective, always reach into the cage from up above, to protect yourself. If she wants to threaten you, then you can swoop in like a hawk quickly, and firmly press her to the cage floor behind the neck, avoiding her front claws and teeth.

Hopefully she'll mellow out soon and be your best bud once again.

PS: You don't still got the buck in with the doe, do you? Cuz if so, he's prolly already rebred the doe...

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Dec 02, 2011
protective mom
by: Anonymous

You could try luring her to another part of the cage then grab the nestbox and take it out completely. That way if there are any babies or dirty bedding in the bottom you can clean it out. I will attract the mamma with hay, rosemary sprig, mint, apple, banana or whatever she loves and put it in on the entire OPPOSITE side of the cage from the nest... usually works quite well.

Remember also that rabbits have terrible eyesight but very ACUTE hearing and smell. Mine will sniff the air and I will offer a guarded hand to them after a week or so. Like mentioned before be consistent with your motions, times, and actions. Any change will be noticed by the doe.

Babies are GORGEOUS and so vivid in color.. Love it !! what breed ??? I just bred my satin doe for the first time and am excited to see what I get. Babies are due on Christmas !!!

Spirit of Shenandoah Angoras & Satins

Dec 02, 2011
by: jamie

I do still have him in there because I have no where else to put him and I found the babies today. They're at least a week old already so it's to late at that matter lol :)

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