May be pregnant rabbit but not eating?

by Jemma Gill
(Grimsby England)

Hi, my rabbit is around 21-22 weeks old and has been away for two week (she came back on Sunday) due to me being away in Wales with army cadets. She stayed at my boyfriend's house where one of her sisters are and another rabbit (which could be related). We were all under the impression that all were girls, but the day after I got them back I was told it turns out one of the rabbits she stayed with is a male.

Since she came back, she hasn't been herself. She doesn't want to be handled as much and jumps out of my hands when I handle her, when usually she loves to be handled and cuddled. She isn't eating though, and we don't understand why. Have any ideas if she could be pregnant and why she isn't eating?

Thank you.

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Jul 21, 2013
My rabbit ain't eating but is pregnant
by: Anonymous

My 2 yr old rabbit is not eating she is now 26day pregnant she is drinking and being normal but she doesn't want to touch any of her hay or her food try different veg but she still not interested is this normal.

***** Karen Sez *****
This is fairly normal in my rabbits. For the last few days of pregnancy, their feed intake goes way down. If you're concerned, try tempting her with whole oats or black oil sunflower seeds - just a teaspoon or so per day at this stage.

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