Lop eared rabbit - new mother

by Michelle

We were told we had 2 girls, went to cage during the week to find we had at least 7 babies. Removed the rabbit we now know is a boy and rushed out to buy another cage. Not sure what to do next except I've been told she is probably pregnant already. Any advice please.

****Karen Sez****
Yes, I'd say there's a chance the doe is pregnant again. If so (and it may or may not be so), your doe will be needing excellent nutrition so she can feed her family and grow the new family. So, provide her with all the excellent quality rabbit pellets she wants, and fresh water 24/7. You can also check out the conditioning formula at https://www.raising-rabbits.com/conditioning-rabbits-for-show.html and supplement her feed with a high-oil supplement such as this one - a tablespoon or so per day.

On day 27 or 28 from the day you found the babies, you'll need to wean and remove the babies, and give nesting materials to the doe for the next litter. Not to worry about the early weaning - rabbits in the wild do this for every litter. Just ensure the little guys get plenty of grass or alfalfa hay every day along with their pellets (to prevent diarrhea), and they'll be fine, most likely.

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Mar 27, 2013
rabbit has given birth
by: Anonymous

Rabbit has given birth and brought one of the babies down to bottom of cage is this normal

***** Karen Sez *****
A doe doesn't "bring" a kit anywhere. She leaves the nest, and if a kit is latched onto a teat, the kit might come along accidentally for the ride.

This is why an enclosed nest box with sides that are at least 5 inches tall is so advantageous for the kits. Kits that are latched on when the doe leaves the nest are more likely to get knocked off and to remain in the nest. A nest box also keeps the kits corralled until they are a couple weeks old.

Between now and 14 days of age, any kits you find outside the nest should be placed back inside the nest asap before they chill to death.

Feb 17, 2013
Pregnant lopeared rabbit
by: Anonymous

We have noticed over the last couple of weeks that our above rabbit has been getting bigger and today she has been picking up fur and putting this in the sleeping part could she be pregnant?

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