Kits keep coming out of the nest

by Kerry
(Kent, UK )

Hiya, my rabbit had babies 4 days ago ... it's her 2nd litter, but every time she goes in to see her babies some end up coming out with her. I keep putting them back in ... is that the right thing to do??? And she is acting a bit stressed, is she looking after her babies correctly?

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Apr 20, 2011
Rabbit kits coming out of nest box
by: NewlyAwakened

My rabbits have the same issue. It has usually not been as early as day 4. I have the "correct" nest box for my breed of rabbit. It has usually been around day 8-10. It can be sad as they are usually dead by the time I find them since they are in an outdoor unheated barn.

I then bring them into the house, covered the nest box with a towel, and make sure to have a towel "fence" wrapped around the box as well creating a little moat in essence in case they climb or jump out and that catches them. I take them to mom in the early morning for nursing and leave them with her about an hour and make sure to take the water dish out (I have found drowned babies and it makes for a very sad occasion...).

Then I bring them back in the house and do this daily until they are really zipping around well enough. Then I put a 2x6 piece of wood to act as a step for them to get in/out of the box independently and keep the water dish a bit less than half full (they can jump out of the water by this point). I also put a bit of hay on the cage floor for added bedding to keep them warmer.

Yes, I still lost some kits but was able to successfully raise litters all winter long following this plan. Once they are about the size of a large orange (I have American Chinchillas) I take the box out all together as they can snuggle and keep each other warm enough.

Apr 19, 2011
by: Majestic Dragon Ranch

Most likely, the kits are still latched onto the doe's teats when she jumps out of the nest. Most nest boxes have a ridge on the exit to help dislodge the kits off into the nest. Usually it's just 4-6 inches. consider getting a nest box with that on it.

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