Is she having babies tomorow?

by Kat

My rabbit is 29 days into the pregnancy and is due tomorrow but we still don't know if its false like before she has done everything but I'll be at school and just my dad will be home should I stay home and is she having babies tomorrow? _clueless kat

***** Karen Sez *****
Expect the babies on day 31 - 32, probably in the middle of the night. So no, you don't need to stay home from school. Besides, the doe's maternal drive is built into her genetics, and she will know everything she needs to do for having her babies, provided you've given the doe everything she needs for nest-building.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Dec 06, 2011
Stay home from school?
by: Anonymous

I'd wait to see if she does have them ? You can't really do anything to help. It's not like a dog or cat having puppies or kittens. There is no long drawn out event. Most rabbits have their kits within a half hour and you'll be LUCKY if you see it happen. I'm no expert but all my litters have been born early early morning.

If you really want to take off school, wait till they're born... but even then there's nothing you can do but sit and stare at the nest and take pictures of naked babies. :)

The mamma's feed only twice a day. Anyway...Don't be afraid to check the nest sometime after she has the babies and clean out any yucky stuff... bedding, wool, or possible babies that didn't make it. You can handle the babies if the mamma will let you but either way, give her some treats to distract her and spend time holding and handling the babies.

I try to do that every day with my French Angoras and they always have the sweetest temperaments.

Always keep in mind that this is TOTALLY different than birthing any dog, cat, horse, etc. Rabbits have their own agenda. LOL


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