idk what breed my rabbit is

by Brittany Ward



He is gray and white, is small and has short ears. Oh and his fur is soft but not like a rex or mini rex.

***** Karen Sez *****
He looks like a bit of a mixture, Brittany. He is what they call a 'charlie,' meaning a spotted pattern that is mostly white. But 'charlie' refers to a color pattern, not a breed.

I'm guessing your very cute rabbit is probably a Polish rabbit that is a charlie, but likely has some other breed as well, especially if he weighs over 4 pounds. (Maximum weight for Polish rabbits in the USA is 3 1/2 pounds.)

He could be partly dwarf hotot, though I doubt it. Dwarf hotots are marked very similarly, but minus any colored markings outside of a 1/8 inch ring of color ('mascara') around the eyes. Even the ears on a dwarf hotot are white. The maximum weight for a dwarf hotot is 3 pounds, and I would expect the ears to be a bit shorter.

Hope this helps!

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Jan 03, 2012
by: brittany

Thanks for your help I looked at some pics of the Polish, I think he looks like that but idk on how fat he is lol.

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