I have no rabbit experience!! HELP PLEASE!

I'm only 13 yrs old and my baby girl just had 3 babies! One of them is a dark color and I don't know if she's feeding that one or not... Will I disrupt her babies if I move them from a cage into a nest box? It's really cold here in Ramona at the time so yeah could you tip me please?

****Karen Sez****
First, how did the doe get pregnant in the first place? Do you want more babies in another month? If yes, fine. If no, you'll need to ensure your doe doesn't ever get to hang out with any bucks. This will not make her sad. It will make her relieved.

Second, yes, DO get your kits into a nest box. Check our nest box page on that - and be sure the doe has lots of fur pulled. In a well-prepared nest box, the kits can withstand very cold temperatures.

Third, if your doe only has 3 kits to feed, chances are fairly good that she can pull it off. Check for round tummies. Also remember that the doe will feed the kits just once a day. So, tonight, if the tummies aren't so round, don't panic. Simply check 'em again in the morning. Hopefully all will be well.

Fourth, do your homework. You've discovered Raising-Rabbits. You now know where to find ALL the rabbit info you will need, and we've tried to make it easy for you to find stuff. To start, click on breeding rabbits, and you'll find more links that will take you to all our related information on pregnant and lactating does, and taking care of your new babies.

Have fun! And God bless you,

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