Help preventing rabbit pregnancy

by Dessirae
(Morro Bay, CA)

We a have a dwarf rabbit (girl) and we just got a black (male) rabbit. He's 11 months old. We're not trying to breed so how can we prevent it - we'd like to put them in the same cage. Dessirae

**** Karen Sez **** do you tell a rabbit not to act like a rabbit?? Besides, they don't understand English.

The best way to prevent breeding is to not put the two in the same cage. But since you specifically want to keep them together, the next suggestion is to make it so the buck is only shooting blanks. Are you good with having someone, likely a vet, castrate the buck?

Those are really the only two reasonable options. You could *try* putting something like diapers on the doe, but I can't see this working in the long term - it'll get chewed to bits.

Let us know what you think, and what you decide to do, okay?!

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