HELP - Is my rabbit pregnant?

by Jess

Hi, I have a small sized rabbit and the lady who gave her to me said she has some breed of dwarf in her. I have never had Rabbits before. I have built a very large pen, and have been waiting for a while for her to be pregnant.

Anyways she has been digging out a hole, putting grass down there but then she will fill it in again; she has done that twice now, and she also growls at her partner when he comes near her while she is digging the hole. She will also bite at my trousers when I go near the hole.

Just would like to know if anyone thinks that she could be pregnant or not, without feeling her belly.

***** Karen Sez *****

Well, without feeling the rabbit's belly, your tale has ticked quite a few of the 5 clues to a pregnant rabbit, hasn't it?!

She's cranky and defensive.
She's carrying grass.
She's digging diligently.

I’m not certain why some does dig a beautiful hole, put grass down there, and then fill it in and build a new one. But some does are like this. Apparently, they may find something unsatisfactory with a hole and decide to move to a new burrow. Dunno!

I’d be very interested in knowing exactly how far along these does are in their pregnancies, to determine whether there is a correlation with, say, onset of maternal instinct promptings, or whether multiple burrow building has anything to do with false pregnancies.

So, without palpating her tummy, the only clue left to discover are little kicks of bunny-feet against the sides of her belly. You can best notice these when she is lying down and relaxing (if she'll let you get close enough without running away).

See, you don't need help, you've already got it figured out.

It's 31 days from mating to birth, normally. So, unless your doe is doing the false pregnancy thing, she should be kindling any time now.

Lastly, you should probably remove that buck from her enclosure NOW, unless you want a second litter born 32 days after the first litter. Just sayin'...!

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