Girl Bunny is Accidentally a Boy Bunny



So when I came home with a "girl" rabbit from the Amish Auction, or so I thought, I put him in the hutch with my female thinking my Chocolate Dutch was a girl.

When I woke up in the morning I realized that my girl Twilight was chasing and attacking my other bunny. Now she is sometimes mean and normally moody, but this was making me furious. When I got the Dutch at the auction it looked like a girl, but we were unsure. After I checked again I saw it was a boy, and started freaking out. Because I was not allowed to get a boy.

Now I know the main signs of pregnancy for a rabbit
. Pulling out fur
. Being moody (which my doe is always)
. Making a nest

But this Dutch is probably only 9-10 weeks old and I don't see any "man parts" like testicles. So can I trust that my female is not pregnant. I got him on April 4, 2015. Today when I found out is April 5, 2015.


***** Karen Sez *****

Wait, I'm confused. Why are you scared?

If this is an honest mistake, then you just fix it, like, find a new home for the bunny since you aren't allowed to have a boy. (Now you know to be ever-so-sure before bringing a bunny home, lol!)

You did check the privates, right? And you're SURE it is a boy? (

Good job on doing your homework about pregnant rabbits - you are correct, hopefully your girl bunny is not pregnant, but I do hope you separated the two bunnies immediately!

(And if this was not an honest mistake, then man-up, apologize, and do the right thing going forward! You'll still need to re-home the critter.)

Good luck on rectifying the problem, hopefully you'll find an excellent solution.

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