First time rabbit breeder

Hi its my first time breeding my rabbit and she is of age, but I have NO idea what type of rabbit she is. I got her from Tractor Supply, she has ears similar to a jack rabbit she is white and basically looks like an albino she is a medium sized rabbit could you help?

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Feb 19, 2012
First time rabbit breeder
by: Georgina

Well, it seems like your rabbit is a New Zealand White rabbit. Does it have red eyes? If it is white and has red eyes then it most likely is. :)

Jul 14, 2011
Rabbit Breed
by: brigid cleary

Hi there, she could be a New Zealand White - they are medium in size and have the red eyes etc. You could look on a rabbit site on the internet at different breeds and that might help. Good luck with your breeding!!

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Jul 13, 2011
RE Type of white rabbit
by: Moderator

First, welcome to the wonderful world of breeding rabbits. We hope you enjoy your experiences. About the breed of your rabbit, how many pounds is 'medium-sized?'

Of course, we have *NO* idea what type of rabbit you have...but we can make a pretty good guess, even before getting an answer to our question above.

The most likely guess would be a New Zealand White, which would weigh somewhere around 11-12 pounds. In our opinion, this is bigger than medium, let's say, medium-large, as far as rabbits go. So, if you weigh your rabbit and it weighs less than 10 pounds, it is probably a mixed breed - part New Zealand White, and part mystery-rabbit.

A quick note about buying from Tractor Supply: Go for it!

A recent survey indicated that 60-70% of show rabbit breeders sell 'pet rabbits' to pet and feed stores, such as Tractor Supply. This means you have a very good chance of obtaining a high quality healthy rabbit when buying rabbits from pet stores.

99+% of all rabbit breeders are *not* getting rich quick, and they are not rabbit mills. They are show rabbit breeders, breeding and showing top quality rabbits for the love of the breed and the competition.

So yes, if you find a lovely rabbit in a pet store, and its nose is dry (no sneezing) and its hind end is clean, feel free to purchase it. The chances are great you won't be sorry.

(There's a bit of 'bonus' info for you, lol!)

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