First time mum, rabbit worries !

by Celia

This is my doe

This is my doe

So I mated my two harlequins 30 days ago and I'm beginning to stress XD

The mating seemed successful and both did the right things but now everything's all backwards. My doe made a nest at three weeks but then abandoned it. She has a new nest box with pet shop nesting material but she hasn't been fur pulling.

She has slowed her eating down as well but the thing that's confusing me is that I'm awful at palpating and can't feel anything, I have seen one belly movement 2 days ago and that is all. Am I over worrying or is she not expecting?

***** Karen Sez *****

Patience, my friend! :-)

It's very difficult to palpate this close to the kindle date, so don't worry about trying. Since you saw belly movement, this is as good a sign as any, as long as you saw little feet kicking rather than rhythmic rolling of intestines.

It'll still be possibly 1.5 - 2 more days before she kindles, given your statement of 30 days along.

I'm not sure what "pet shop nesting material" is - do provide some hay or straw as well, if you can. Put it in her cage, but not in the nest box; if she gathers up a mouthful and starts carrying it around, this is a very good sign! She'll then use it to spruce up her nest, and it might settle her down and help her feel more prepared for the big day (or night lol).

A reduction in eating is also a good sign. This is fairly typical at the tail end of a pregnancy.

So, give your doe her space and settle in for a wonderful experience with her new litter when it comes!

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