English Lop Crossing?

by Lynsey
(North Carolina)

Hello, we recently acquired an English Lop Buck and I have been completely unable to find a Doe. My intention was to breed English Lops but the scarcity of does or really any other English Lops near me has become a big problem. I was wondering if anyone has found an English Lop cross that's cute and healthy. Thanks for any advice!

***** Karen Sez *****

Hi Lynsey,

Raising-Rabbits has been working very hard to help rabbit breeders like yourself to find the best rabbits for your needs.

Sometimes it can be very hard to find just the right rabbit for your breeding program! There are several unfortunate reasons for that, not the least of which are people working overtime to flag the advertisements on, say, Craigslist, for just the rabbits you might be looking for.

Our Rabbits for Sale page lists THIRTEEN ways you might use to find an English Lop rabbit near you. One or more of the avenues listed there is SURE to find just the right rabbit for you!

Lastly, why don't you try going to our Classified Ads page and submit a Rabbit Wanted ad? It's completely free. The Rabbit Classifieds page is our 8th most trafficked page on Raising-Rabbits; maybe just the right rabbit owner/breeder will have the perfect English Lop doe for you!

Best of luck to you!

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