Day 31?

by Emily
(New York)

I had bred my mini lop with a thrianta and she was due yesterday? I would say we had bred her at 5:30-6:00 on November 15.

It is now the 17th of December and still no kits???
She had made a nest on the 15th and then ruined it, why don't I have kits or a nest?

***** Karen Sez *****
Rabbits kindle anywhere from day 28 to day 35, with the vast majority of rabbits giving birth exactly on day 31. But, I know some does that have waited all the way to day 40. Not my does, other peoples' does.

If your rabbit doesn't kindle by day 35, I'd say she may have had a false pregnancy. Or, sometimes for whatever reason, the babies all die inside the doe, and the doe's body dissolves and resorbs all the babies back into her body. Either of these situations are possibilities when no babies are born at the end of what we thought was a pregnancy.

Is your rabbit 'acting' pregnant? Is she fat? Can you see little kicks from feet in her tummy? Then be a little more patient.

Give the doe until day 36. If no babies by then, you can rebreed the doe.

Good luck!

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