Day 14 and she already has a haystache

by Brittny
(Cambridge Ohio USA)

My doe was bred 14 days ago and I tried feeling her abdomen on day 11...

I couldn't tell, so now I feel it today on day 14 and she feels firm, like how I did when I was pregnant with my sons.

I have never palpated a rabbit before so I'm sure I did it wrong somehow. However today she is filling her mouth with hay and grasses. Perhaps I did palpate her wrong and she is indeed pregnant or she's less grouchy now because she got herself a man lol.

***** Karen Sez *****
Hey Brittny, 14 days is generally too early for a haystache, if she were really pregnant. I'm thinking she'll build a lovely nest here in the next couple days, and then she'll completely abandon it by day 18-19.

But, since I could be completely wrong, lol, leave the nest in the cage till day 35, just in case. You'd sure feel bad if you removed the cage with its nest, and then she DID have babies - on the wire, or outside a nest where they could chill to death.

Lots more info on false pregnancies in Rabbit Raising Problem Solver.

Good luck with everything!

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