Crossbred black mini lop X thrianta

by Emily

Last night I had bred my black mini lop does with my friends thrianta buck. What kinds of

Colours and rabbit types should I expect?

****Karen Sez****
Are the mini-lops actually black, or are they very dark steels?? Well, this is just guessing, but:

Size: Both animals are probably similar in size, and you should get more of the same - somewhere in the range of 4-6.5 pounds.

Ears: No bets on the ear placement. Upright is dominant (I think), however the bunnies may be very weak in the ears, cause them to sag or stick out sideways like little helicopter rotors. Or, they may simply be upright.

Color: I'm guessing black. This is because genetically the thrianta is a black animal with a recessive gene that erases the black and leaves just red. It has a second recessive gene that extends and enriches that red to cover the entire animal. These genetic genes require two copies to show themselves, and unless the mini-lop has one copy hiding under the dominant full-extension "E" gene, I think all the kits will be black.

What say you let me know how accurate this prognostication turns out to be?? :-)

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Nov 23, 2011
In reply;
by: Emily

Ohh thank you! (: I will be sure to post pictures as I go along I'm pretty excited to see what I might get.

I'm hoping she doesn't throw all black because I want Some colour(:
We'll see.

It was a weird combination and I can't seem to find anyone who has mixed the two but thanks for your help!

And sorry about the reply delay!(:
Thanks again,

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