by Rachel

I tried breeding my dwarf hotot female. She only bred once we tried again and she wouldn't but the first time they went until the buck passed out.

She is getting a little heavier/fatter and she has made a hole with the straw in her nest box but hasn't pulled any fur. It's around the 28th day now. But I was wondering does this sound like a pregnancy to anyone or not?

****Karen Sez****
It's hard to diagnose a pregnancy from way over here, but yeah! Sounds probable, very probable. Some does don't pull fur till after the babies are born, while others pack the box with fur ahead of time till they're practically nekkid. So, you can't wholly depend on fur or no fur to predict pregnancy.

A few more days of patience, and you'll know for sure if there are babies, or just a false pregnancy.

I'll tell you all the years, I've never seen a passed-out-buck....! Does it need a diet??

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Sep 21, 2011
Dead or alive?
by: Rachel

She had her babies there were 4 however 1 was stillborn another we cannot tell! It is matted with blood and fur and not moving but it is warm I can't tell if its dead or alive... Also its body is long like it was stretched out by something it has some bruise like markings on its tummy!

Sep 17, 2011
Pregnancy, False or Not - Buck Passing out
by: Anonymous

OMG it's so funny when the buck passes out. I had one do that (it wasn't even my buck) and I thought I had killed it ! About 5 seconds later he came to, "licked his lips" shook himself and went back toward the doe again. Needless to say I pulled her out of the cage and called the owner of the buck. I now have his son and RAINE does exactly the same thing when he breeds. OUT like a LIGHT ! I chuckle whenever I see it. Like father like son.

Pulling wool or not pulling wool OR when they do it has little to do with whether or not she's bred. I have had some pull wool 3 to 4 days early, some pull 3 to 4 hours early and I had one doe make the most gorgeous nest I've ever seen and NOT a SINGLE BABY. I hated to disassemble the nestbox but she didn't seem to care.


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