Cold weather and babies?

Ada the Mini Lop

Ada the Mini Lop

Thanks for all your helpful information on this site, it was very useful for my first litter of babies! My French Lop and two Mini Lop does are due any day now, and it gets fairly cold at night; around 30-20 degrees. I was wondering if the babies will freeze at night even if they have a good nest built. Should I bring them inside at night or will they be alright?

Thanks, Layla

***** Karen Sez *****
Glad you like Raising-Rabbits! If you give your rabbits sufficient shavings, straw and hay for their nesting boxes, and the does build good nests with lots of fur, then you won't have to worry at all. The burrow with the babies in the nest box will stay snug and very warm -- 100+ degrees F -- even if the weather is zero degrees F. The temperature range you specify does not worry me at all. Just make sure that the space where your hutches are is not drafty.

Enjoy your rabbits!

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