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by Cheryl

Hi there, I have 8 free range bunnies which have the run of the garden 24/7 with the shed converted into their home. They have their litter tray, food, toys etc in there for them.

My question is I have 3 males which are due to be neutered on the 5th though I do believe I'm a little late as one of my females is starting to collect straw and putting it into the corner of their litter tray, do I leave her or take her indoors in her own cage as I do believe she might be pregnant?

Please advise as I have never bred bunnies before? Thanx.

***** Karen Sez *****

Well, Cheryl, you've got a wonderful, free-range bunny-world going. Sounds idyllic. Why step in now and disrupt their community?

Any predators around? That'll be a concern unless you have secured your garden and shed from break-ins of the four-footed kind. A nest box might help; you don't want the wee little ones to get dragged away from a straw nest and then fall off, chill and die. Temperatures are not likely to be an issue, as long as the mum pulls enough fur.

Just so you know: Neutered bucks can still 'papa' for several weeks after the procedure.

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