Checking Rabbit Kits

by Rachel

The doe is a very contented, affectionate dwarf lop - she gave birth to 5 kits but one got caught in a loop of straw and unfortunately choked. I could not save it. However the other kits are perky, have full tummies, I have noticed two are larger (father is a satin) and resemble his characteristics.

I am concerned about keeping them warm as now they are wandering a little. I have plenty of bedding in the hutch, but the kits seem to scrape until they are on the bottom of the hutch floor. The cage is outside but I bring it in at night worried in case the temp drops too much. They have fur now. They are 11 days old, eyes are open and they are scratching and doing somersaults.

I have handled the kits, weighed them, let my doe out for a run and although she does not wander far she enjoys the garden; she can't wait for a run. Please advise if I need to adopt a different approach.

***** Karen Sez *****
You're doing a stellar job, Rachel. You might be able to dispense with the cage-moving at this point. The kits are furred enough at 7 days old to withstand overnight Derbyshire temperatures, especially inside a hutch in the bedding and with their littermates with whom to huddle and keep warm.

Enjoy their antics!

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