Caging Bunnies Together

by Susan
(South Texas, USA)

Will boy bunnies fight if you cage 2 boys together with a girl? I have an additional question about Baby Bunnies. When do you separate momma and baby bunnies? I heard the momma may kill the babies at some point. Is this true?

***** Karen Sez *****
Question #2: Momma rabbits never just go off and kill their babies for no reason. The risk occurs during kindling, if the doe feels threatened, for example, a raccoon nosing around the cage, or your pet dog growling and slobbering around the cage (just to create a couple examples).

To actually answer the question - the doe and bunnies can be separated any time after around 5 weeks old. There is no need to leave bunnies with the doe for longer than around 7 weeks, unless you want to, or plan to keep a daughter indefinitely.

Question #1: Short answer is yes. A longer answer is YES. And the full answer is: Depending on the personality of the bucks, they are liable to fight to the death over the rights to the female. It's a dominance thing. The ONLY way to house 2 bucks together is if they were littermates to begin with. The older they get, the greater the risk of fighting. If ever you disrupt the status quo of two bucks living in the same cage - say, you move them to a new cage, all bets are off, even if they've been good buds.

Enjoy your rabbits, and be wise!

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