Bunny Trouble in Class!!!

My class is raising show rabbits, one of which had a litter of nine. One of them is scrawny, as if not getting enough to eat. My teacher is not one to help the weaklings and suggested killing it. I have raised baby mice before with some success and I do own a rabbit, but should I attempt to raise a kit without its mom or litter? PLEASE HELP!!!

***** Karen Sez *****

Wouldn't it be terrific if the doe could be coaxed to produce enough milk for the whole litter?! That would solve the whole problem. Try feeding the doe a couple tablespoons per day of black oil sunflower seeds (sold as bird seed). This simple addition to the doe's feed might just do the trick.

I appreciate your teacher's point of view. It is better to not coddle a weakling because you want all your show rabbits to have robust health and immunity.

On the other hand, nothing says you can't try to save a scrawny animal. (But if it survives and if you're wise, you will probably not use it in your breeding program, because you want to breed the strong animals rather than the weak ones. Perhaps it will make a great pet.)

Check out the advice at https://www.raising-rabbits.com/feeding-wild-rabbits.html for some very important tips, and to decide whether or not you wish to take on the project.

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