Bunny gave birth to a stuck stillborn baby

by Anonymous

My bunny was 32 days pregnant yesterday. The day before she was bleeding a little and I brought her into the vet they checked everything to make sure things were OK and they palpated her to make sure that there was no baby stuck in her birth canal.

They said that they could feel at least two babies they did a very quick ultrasound and could see the two babies that they felt bunny was panting so hard it was difficult to get a clear picture and to tell whether the baby’s heartbeat will be there or not. I was instructed to go home and let her rest and hope that things go smoothly from there.

That night I stayed in the living room with her because that’s where her hutch is. It was very quiet with extremely dim lighting. I got up in the middle of the night because I heard her rustling around a little bit and found the bottom of her cage had blood on it I think it looked worse than it was but when I looked in her nest there was blood in there as well with a small round black thing that appeared to be poop but I’m really not sure what it was. I contacted the vet again they told me to keep a really close eye on her and if anything concerning happened to bring her back.

I decided to get in the shower and when I came out there was an unresponsive baby hanging halfway out of her. She hopped around all morning with something hanging out of her that I thought was a ball of shaving stuck to dry blood and it may have been this baby all along the baby was lodged in her its nose was stuck inside.

I have a friend that’s a vet; she came over and took the baby out apparently between the time that I found the baby in the time the vet got here my bunny had tried to remove the baby herself and caused a tangled up mess that we couldn’t tell if there was one baby or two after untangling it all we found the head and it was only one.

She called in some oxytocin, calcium, pain meds, and antibiotics. I gave her the 10 ml of calcium and as I was administering the last drop I look over and see this maybe 2 inch long chunk of something in her cage I picked it up with a tissue and I couldn’t tell if it was a dead baby that was undeveloped, or a placenta. I took a picture of it and sent it to a couple of vet friends and neither could identify it either.

A half hour later I followed two units of oxytocin and nothing happened. Six hours later I was concerned and I was told I could administer a second dose of calcium and oxytocin but I was terrified that it would be too much for her. So I waited until this morning to see if she would give birth on her own throughout the night and she did not. I gave her that second dose at 7:47 this morning it is now 1:43 in the afternoon and nothing has happened, she hasn’t eaten since the day she started bleeding two days ago.

I’m really concerned for her and I’ve tried to mash up food and feed it to her with a syringe and with a small spoon. She gave it a lick and then hopped away.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is anyone ever been in a similar experience where their doe had given birth to one deceased kit or had anything odd come out of the rabbit and nothing more?

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