Bunnies have not opened their eyes yet??

by Amber

My doe kindled Friday night, 25th of November. So, by tonight/early morning, they should be 11 days old. They have not yet opened their eyes...

They have got their fur now, there is NO pink to be seen now!!! They are gorgeous little bunnies and when we check on them (using the method you provided) they are always nice and warm and wriggling around!!!

They look like they're almost "squinting" if you know what I mean?? Does this mean their eyes are stuck??

Also, the smaller one (still plump and warm, just slightly skinnier and smaller in size) seems to wriggle more than the rest and tends to bite now and again, when the others haven't bitten once. Is this one the runt?? Is this bad...??

I don't have any decent pictures to show you really, the best I have is the one I've provided...

Sooo... when do you think they'll open their eyes (there's 4 by the way)???

Thanks xxx

***** Karen Sez *****
OMG, so cute! That's some great color.

You're doing a good job, Amber. I think all is well. Kits with bellies full sleep a LOT, and typically open their eyes a bit later. Eyes are sealed shut at first, so if they're now 'squinty,' their eyes will be open soon. They'll look a bit stuck shut at one corner, maybe, but the next day they'll be all open.

The little runt is a runt, yes, but his weight will catch up with his littermates eventually. No probs there. That 'biting' is not exactly biting (sure feels like a bite!), it is his efforts to latch on to the mother's teat. He's simply acting reflexively, thinking the disruption of you reaching into the nest is it's mum hopping in and spreading the dinner table. He's more wiggly because he's the runt, fighting for his chance at a meal.

All is well...I think! :-)

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