Bred Buck 3 days ago and now he's not interested in breeding

by Chuck

Hi - I have a 1 1/2 year old NZ Buck and bred him 3 days ago and just tried to breed him yesterday and he acted like he had no interest. Also I can tell when he is ready to breed. He runs around the cage and scratches and paws like a crazed rabbit. He has had 1 successful litter. Not sure why he is acting funny.

****Karen Sez****
Yeah, I'm not sure either, but if we were to brainstorm, I'd wonder if the buck is overweight.

What if you switched cages with him and the prospective doe, so he can get her scent? Then put him in with the doe (his own cage) 24 hours later? If no mating takes place, simply put the doe back in her own cage, and put the dude on a diet.

The other thought is lighting. As the length of day wanes, both bucks and does tend to go into a 2-month latency period. If you check his 'equipment,' is it readily observable, or pulled up close to the body and barely visible? If the latter, he's simply resting his body for a few weeks. Doesn't hurt to give him permission to do so. (Maybe the breeding 3 days ago was all he could muster during November...)

What do you think is the case?

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