Baby Bunnies?

by Hamish Flatters
(Sydney, N.S.W, Australia)

My female rabbit was put with my male rabbit only once, but it was for about half an hour. The female is normally very friendly but in her previous 2 litters she was moody and tried to bite anyone that put their hand in her cage. She is like that now.

She doesn't carry hay around in her mouth, but she didn't with the other two litters anyway. She is always, since about day five, been scratching and digging in the corners of her cage. When she lies down she's got this massive stomach that comes out to the side--there are little thumps but think its just her breathing.

She's been drinking 1 and 1/2 bottles of water a day-when she is not pregnant she only drinks about 1/3 of a bottle. she is a dwarf lop eared rabbit(sooty fawn). It is the 32nd day of her "pregnancy" - do you think she is really pregnant?
Thank you in advance,
Hamish Flatters

****Karen Sez****
Heck yes. By the time this posts, I'll bet you'll wake up to buns.

That said, I'd better not forget that there is a bit of a window in which rabbits kindle. 31-35 days is when 99% of rabbits give birth. So you might need just a little bit more patience.

The vast majority of our own rex rabbits kindle right on day 32. But just a few days ago, one of my does kindled on the morning of day 35. But, I knew she had to be pregnant -- I could see the little kicks of bunny feet jerking her sides. Sure enough...9 babies on day 35. "Hah! You couldn't fool me, sister!"

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