Baby Bunnies 6 days ago

by Judith G

Hi, I found your web page on the net as I was not sure if my Daisy was pregnant. I even took her to the vets and they did not know. Anyway she did give birth, they will be 6 days on Saturday. I don't know how many she has had, I have not seen them, just a moving in the straw which is covered with her fur. I don't know what to do as this has never happened to me in my life.

I am a grandma, yes I love bunnies, I feed her fresh greens and her pellets, and get some dandelions for her, please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.

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Jul 22, 2011
RE Baby bunnies
by: Moderator

Sounds like you're doing fine to us, Judith. Congrats on the bunnies. You've been taking good care of their doe; you can simply let the doe take care of her bunnies--easy!

First: Make sure the sire is no longer with the doe, because the two can and may rebreed a day or two after the litter is born.

Second: do take a peek at those bunnies. This will not upset the doe, especially if you give her a treat to nibble on, and by treat, we mean simply a fresh green dandelion leaf to distract her a bit. You need to know that all the kits are healthy and that none are dead in the nest. Plus the doe may have left a placenta or two undisposed of (eaten). So check the nest to be sure no dead babies or placentas pushed to the corners. You can even handle the kits a bit, since the doe is familiar with you, your smell and your voice.

Third: Keep the water bowl full, and give the doe all the food she wants. Her food bowl should always have some pellets in it. You can cut back her rations once the babies are weaned.

Hope this helps, and hope you truly enjoy the experience of having bunnies without anxiety.

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