American Sable Rabbit Society change of web address

The American Sable Rabbit Society has a new home page.

***** Karen Sez *****
Thanks for the tip! We'll add the website info to our ARBA Breeds page.

The American Sable is very intriguing in coloration. Additionally, because an albino gene is important for obtaining the correct hue and shading, you'll get variety in the nest box.

American Sables are a valid choice as a meat rabbit. Like Rex rabbits (our personal fave), the American Sable isn't quite as big as the usual meat rabbit breeds, but if you love the coloration and plan to utilize the fur, then go for it.

The accepted weight spread for this breed is 7-10 pounds. If you want a larger meat rabbit yet you love the sable color, then keep the larger animals as replacement stock, given that the other factors as type and color are correct in the animals you keep. In a few generations you'll have American Sable rabbits that are at the larger end of the acceptable weight scale.

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