Accidental mating of sibling rabbits

by Bekkie

One of my rabbits has had babies before and I kept a doe and a buck from this litter, however always kept them separate.

Recently, there was an incident where while the buck was running around the garden and my doe managed to get out, they may have been out together for at least 40 minutes. I am pretty sure she is pregnant as she has been nesting and eating a lot more than usual.

However, I am worried about the babies seeing as the mother and father where from the same litter. Do you know if this would effect the babies i.e. kill them or mean they may be born deformed? I have read on the internet that interbreeding a father and daughter or son and mother is ok (I don't know how true that is) however, it is not the case for brothers and sisters.

If you know any information I would be grateful as I am really worried about the mother and babies.

Thanks for your time,

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Jun 24, 2011
RE Sibling breeding
by: Moderator

Breeding related animals is not by itself a problem. But, if the animals *both* carry a recessive problem, then it becomes much more likely that a kit would be born that actually *has* the problem. The fact that the grandparents are also siblings is a little concerning to me, but if the kits come out fine, then all is well that ends well. It would probably be wise to not try for a three-peat, lol.

Would you mind letting us all know how it turns out for you?

Good luck,

Jun 24, 2011
Re: breeding Of Sibling Rabbits
by: Anonymous

The first generation should be fine. The doe will likely be fine as well the kits.

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