A Sad Day for Bunnies

I recently moved my rabbits to outdoor hutches that are on the ground. We live in a subdivision where there are no real threat of predators so I figured on the ground would be fine. Well my doe took right to being an "outdoor" rabbit and started digging. She had always been a digger even in her plastic bottom cage. Anyway I bred her with my male and she decided after all sorts of random digging that she would build a burough.

On day 28 I gave her a nest and as I was cleaning up her cage I discovered the burough, it was outside of her cage and under the food container. So I made it so she couldn't dig any farther and I covered it back up. I figured if that's where she decided to make her nest all I had to do was lift up the container to be able to check on everything. So I let her keep it. Well finally she had made her nest down there. I came home from work late and noticed she pulled hair, so I was thinking hopefully she would have her babies by morning.

I got up next am and it had stormed in the night and flooded her hole. I prayed she hadn't had her babies but she had, and the babies were drowned. we had had some light rain earlier that week and I checked the hole and it was barely damp... so I thought it'd be ok. We only had a very small chance of rain for her birth night too. Anyway it was really sad and I just wondered if I should do anything special for her since she just lost her entire litter?

Thank you.

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