6 week old rabbits??

by Amber

40 days old

40 days old

These kits are 6 weeks old tomorrow and are doing very well. They started eating solid foods and water when the were 3-4 weeks old and now they just eat it all the time.

I've recently noticed that when the kits try to feed off the doe, she runs off. I read this is a sign that it's time to wean, is this right??

I also read online that dutch rabbits can be weaned from 4-6 weeks of age. As the kits are part dutch part lionhead, do you think the same applies to them??

What do you you think?? Do you think I can wean them at the weekend when they'll be 6 weeks old??
Thanks xxx

***** Karen Sez *****
Wow, soooo cute!

The doe doesn't want her kits at the dinner table all the time. Once in the evening is probably more than enough for her once the kits are this big. She's chasing the kits away because they don't need her any more. But in the evening, you might see her relent for a few minutes. But it doesn't mean the kits need her.

Yes, these kits are no doubt already weaned, meaning, they don't need the doe any more. In our opinion, 5 1/2 weeks and on is perfect for separating (weaning) all but the largest breeds.


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Apr 29, 2014
Need help please
by: Anonymous

Our new Zealand had two kits 6 weeks ago and took very good care of them but now she's chasing them around the pen knocking into them. We think she may be going thru a false pregnancy atm because she's building a nest again and going after the kits for fur for it but she's had no contact with the male. She's fine with the kits in the play room just not the pen and especially not near the mock nest can anyone tell me why she started going after them.

***** Karen Sez *****
The doe is trying to drive the kits away permanently. She doesn't want them anywhere near her new nest. The doe's behavior will return to normal just as soon as the false pregnancy hormones return to normal, but nevertheless, her 6 week old kits are plenty old enough to be removed from their mum.

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