3 rabbits gave birth overnight in same enclosure

by Holly

I have three female rabbits that possibly gave birth same time last night in same area. They had free range of a large cage. 2 girls were friendly and shunned the third. When I went in to feed them this AM I found 3 dead kits out in open. I don't know whose they were. The 2 friendly does were in the nesting box together facing different directions.

I don't know if I should touch the babies or not? Should I just let nature take its course? I didn't think they were pregnant so I was ill prepared. Thanks for any advice you can give me. Holly

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Mar 12, 2011
RE 3 does giving birth at once
by: Karen

Hi Holly, It's difficult to say which rabbit or rabbits had the babies. You could turn the does over and see if you can find signs of just having kindled kits.

You probably should check on the babies in the nest, in case there are any dead ones or placentas that need to be cleaned out. Give the does some alfalfa hay or carrot pieces, to distract them.

Remove the nest box, and check the babies and the nest carefully. When you put the nest back in, you will have removed any dead animals or pieces of afterbirth. The bunnies should be snuggled under piles of fur. Don't worry about touching the nest or babies - your does know your smell.

I think we better ask - do you have a buck in that big cage?? if so, you might be looking at MORE babies in exactly 31 days. The does are frequently willing to re-breed immediately after kindling, especially when they are well-fed. IF yes, better find new living quarters for any bucks housed with those does.

Good luck, and hope this helps,

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