3 rabbits, 2 females, 2 questions....

by Katrina
(PA, U.S.A.)

I got 3 rabbits (all half lop and half rex we think). 2 of which (we have found) are females. They all shared a cage, and one got pregnant. After separating her from the other two, she began to dig holes (two story hutch, lower level on ground without wire mesh). I believe she had her babies in the hole (can't see anything).

This is the 8th week of her visiting the hole 1-2 times daily, but now she is leaving it open during the day(last few days), and closed at night instead of covering it up immediately after visits like she had been. Is this her waiting for the babies to emerge? Is there anyway I can lure the babies out so I can move the hutch to a better place for the winter?

The buck and the second doe were forced to share a dog crate in the garage. I knew the doe was expecting, but I had no way to separate them (searched for crates and such to do so). Noticing her getting OCD (with moving woodchips and bedding constantly) I decided halloween night that the following morning I would put her in an old aquarium (inside)so she could have her babies in a warm place. About a week before due date (Nov 1) I went out in the morning to find 4 (3 inch long)babies, full bellies but dead. I disposed of them, and moved her to the aquarium. Her belly is still big and she is getting protective over her bedding and a box in her aquarium. Could she have had something called a double pregnancy? Or could she just still be fat? Or, is she beginning to develop a new kit?

Thanks for the help, I need it.

****Karen Sez****
Hmmm....rabbit digs hole 8 weeks ago, and you're not seeing any kits hopping around?? And, she hasn't been in contact with the buck for 8 weeks? I think there are no babies at all. But, if you want to give it a couple more weeks, not to worry about the cold. Rabbits like cold. If the temps drop drastically, like, sub-zero, simply stuff her living area with a lot of straw/hay, which will help insulate the hutch.

The second doe might be pregnant a second time. That's because it's just what rabbits do -- rebreed immediately after kindling. If this is not the case, then perhaps the doe is simply overweight. There's also the chance of a retained fetus or two (I hope not - you'll need a vet for that.)

Were it me, I'd half plan for another litter 31 days after you found the dead kits, and this time I'd be ready for it.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes, okay?

PS: The aquarium can be a death-trap in the heat...just so you know to figure out other housing arrangements for the doe as soon as springtime rolls around.

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Nov 17, 2011
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by: Katrina

Well, after the 9th week of the bunny with the hole, we got to see four little fluff balls bouncing around. Wahoo! (It's about time, my three young neighbors have been dying to see em.)

For the aquarium rabbit, she has not let me even pet her for about three days now, and she digs and rearranges the wood chips,leaves, and hay in her box constantly and she is attempting to dig. I'm ready when and if there is another kit to come. If another doesn't come, I will be surprised because her stomach is getting big and she feels like she is full of "grapes."

And thank you for the insight. When springtime rolls around, we are going to put all the rabbits in with our chickens in their fenced in yard where they will be safe and have a lot of room to run. But until then, the bunnies are going to stay separate. :]

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