2 week old bunny whose eyes are not yet open

by Amanda

My rabbit had 7 bunnies on Xmas day. They are 13 days old today and all except one have their eyes open. Should I be worried that this bunny still has both eyes closed?

***** Karen Sez *****
If all the kits have their eyes open but one, then it is time to gently clean around that kit's eyes with a damp rag, sponge or paper towel. Perhaps there's a bit of gunk sticking the fur together. Once it is moistened and wiped away, then the eyes can open and any inflammation of the eye conjunctiva will often heal on its own.

If necessary, obtain some opthalmic antibiotic ointment and lay a ribbon in the lid of each eye. (In the USA, this is available OTC at the feed store. Not sure about AU.)

As always, when in doubt get the help of a rabbit-savvy vet.

Best of luck, and enjoy your rabbits.

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