2 kits from a dwarf doe and a lionhead male

by benjamin

here is the one with spots

here is the one with spots

Hi I'm Ben and 2 days ago my dwarf rabbit had 2 kits, 1 normal pink colour and another with dark spots. The one with dark spots is a little slim. Here is a picture of it.

Can you tell me if he will live or not?

And I'm worried that if I even get too close to them Daisy the doe will eat them.

And by the way this is my first time with kits.

Thanks a lot.

***** Karen Sez *****
Looks like you're doing okay with those bunnies. Hard to actually see the belly or waistline of the spotted one. You can help the doe make more milk by ensuring enough protein and enough fat in her diet. We feed commercial pellets of at least 16% protein, and supplement her feed with black oil sunflower seeds or whole oats. Any whole grain will have extra oil.

Good luck and have fun!

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Sep 16, 2012
Dwarf Hotot?
by: Anonymous

Yes it is normal for a Dwarf bunny to be small. And if it is part dwarf hotot then the spots are normal as they are a hybrid rabbit they are crossed with 4 diffrent breeds, REW (Ruby Eyed White), Dutch, Blanc De Hotot, And Black Netherland Dwarf.

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