1st breeding

by Lisa

Rabby (buck)

Rabby (buck)

Hi there I've just bred my buck and doe lopped rabbits, would you know what kind of colours the kits could be, as I find they both have beautiful colours themselves and would be very interesting x

****Karen Sez****
So cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures. As far as figuring out the genetics, so much depends on whether the rabbits are each carrying recessive (hiding) genes. The mottling in Rabby's coat is the result of 2 recessives; whether any kits have a mottled coat will depend on whether Flip carries the same recessive gene hiding under her dominant full color coat.

Also, it is hard for me to tell if Flip is fawn-coloured or a lighter shade of red.

Whatever the case, I think you'll get some very pleasing variety in the kits.

Enjoy the process and the kits!

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