Years of work down the drain

Not only were her rights violated, but years of selective breeding have been destroyed. Any rabbit breeder knows how difficult it is to develop an excellent show animal. You can spend years developing a line of rabbits that meet the requirements set by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. I believe the biggest issue is her rights as a citizen, have been violated. Search and seizure without a warrant is against the law. I guess animal rights activists believe they are above the law.

From what I read she was bullied into signing over her rabbits to the Companion Rabbit Society.

This same thing happened to a breeder I know. The Companion Rabbit Society lied and bullied a friend of mine into signing over his rabbits. They came to his place when is wife was ill and in the hospital. The Companion Rabbit Society threatened him with court action and huge fines. They told him his animals were sick and his cages were too small and filthy.

Yet it took them 2 days to come back to get the animals. In those 2 days other breeders got together, cleaned the barn and took his top animals off the premises. His breeding program was saved. The animals that were left were taken by the companion rabbit society. A vet confirmed that none of the 65 rabbits removed were sick. All the rabbits were in excellent health. The vet went so far as to issue a statement about how well the animals were cared for.

I will not list my name or state for fear of being targeted, because I too raise and show rabbits.

***Karen Sez***
Thanks for the info. Rabbit breeders, take note!

What people need to realize is that Animal Supremacists believe we should not use any animals for any reason, ever, period. It's their fundamental belief, religion if you will.

As a result, there is no standard high enough for breeders to reach in order to satisfy these folks. They will always say the cage is too small. If it is not too small, then it is too dirty. If it's outdoors it should be indoors. You're cruel *because* you're a breeder, for not spaying/neutering I assume...

They cannot be worked with, satisfied or appeased. It's time to start prying legislation out of their misinformed hands, and demonstrating that they are not experts at all. Even their vets, who should know better, are sold out to nonsensical information, like 81 degrees in a rabbit barn is abuse. Oh my giddy aunt...

If you can afford to give a couple dimes to the cause, that would be a start. (See -- we just host the button, for free, and receive no $$ ourselves.)

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Aug 27, 2011
RE Years of work down the drain
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

That is totally insane. No one can seize any animals without a warrant. Its illegal...

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