Where you there?

by Michiele
(Arvada CO)

How can you say anything if you didn't see the barn and the rabbits inside. Yes there were dead rabbits. 25 in all. That's my entire herd. Did any of you read the Denver paper or watch the video? Do any of you know her personally and how she takes care of her rabbits? Before you open your mouth, get your facts first. She was not railroaded. Before any of you say any more, please wait for the FACTS to come out.

***Karen Sez***

Yes, we have indeed read the reports. While we were not there, we have also heard from those who WERE there AND in Ms. Bell's barn. See www.raising-rabbits.com/animal-abuse-stories.html.

Do I write so poorly that you missed the whole point??? The Denver Post reported only what they were told to report, and the folks who told them what to report were a) not rabbit experts, and b) animal rights activists with a known agenda of outlawing and eliminating all breeding of all domestic animals. The Denver Post did not do their own investigation. Their story was laughably inept, except that it was a tragedy and a travesty of justice. For example, those dead rabbits came from Ms. Bell's freezer. The dead rabbits had nothing whatsoever to do with animal abuse. They are livestock rabbits.

Were you there, Michiele? If no, then I am surprised at your passionate post as you have no more grounds to make comments than you think I do.

And if you were indeed there inside Ms. Bell's barn, you know my next question -- was it you who turned off the water to the swamp cooler and left the barn doors open for 5 hours in 94 degree heat before ever recording a temperature inside the barn...and then faulted Ms. Bell for 4 degrees above ideal?

You're right, Michiele, and I stand corrected. 25 dead rabbits. How did you know that before most everyone else???

1 rabbit was dead in its cage, a drop-off for the raptors.

5 rabbits had been butchered and were dead in the freezer.

19 tiny rabbit kits died due to mishandling because the HRS has no clue about mama rabbits and their babies. They apparently placed these kits with their mothers in cat carriers, sans nestboxes, where the frightened does could stomp them..... /slaps forehead

Michiele, you seem to be in a position to know--why didn't you tell the audience up front when you initially posted that 19 of the 25 dead rabbits were dead due to the ignorance of the HRS and Shelter personnel?

Additionally, you could have said something like, 'NONE of the rabbit deaths could be attributed to cruelty on the part of Ms. Bell...'

If you're going to weigh in on Ms. Bell's 200 rabbit situation, please be honest about it.

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