What the h*** are you talking about?

Was watching the 7-news of whole thing, and in the background you can see the Sheriff's department carrying dead rabbits and eventually putting them in black bags. They don't look frozen to me, they look like they were dead for a long time. I take care of many rabbits myself, and none of my rabbits look as awful as the ones you can see on the 7-news recording. IF they are show rabbits shouldn't they have been in top shape then? Why do they look like they have been locked up in a cage for months on end??

The cops have better things to do then to show up at random houses and take people's property like you are writing here. If they had a warrant to raid your house that means there was more than enough evidence for a judge to sign off and take away animals from you to protect them.

You committed a crime and now you make it sound like everyone is just after you, the animal rights groups, the cops, the judge, the people, the house rabbit society, the people that wrote laws for the welfare of animals, God, and whoever else you can find to blame.

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Jan 12, 2015
by: Cody

Actually, they had no warrant when coming onto her property and seizing the rabbits. When animal control arrived at her home, Debe was in Boulder, 40 minutes away, and her ex-husband allowed them in. Also, a warrant doesn't prove guilty. Also, while animal control was there, the rabbits were placed in plastic lined boxes, closed up, and left to suffocate in the heat. SMH.

***** Karen Sez *****
Thanks for commenting Cody. It blows me away how anyone can consider animal rights activists even remotely expert in any kind of animal care.

LAWMAKERS: Please do your due diligence as you consider for passage laws sponsored by activists.

JUDGES: As you consider evidence in similar cases, may I respectfully suggest that animal rights organizations are NOT expert in animal care, and indeed, do not have animals' best interests at heart. The agenda of these and similar groups is to eliminate pet ownership and animal uses of all sorts globally. Their websites state this, either clearly or through various code words such as animal exploitation and animal liberation.

HRS, PETA, and HSUS are most prominent, but there are other groups with the same agenda. (See http://www.petakillsanimals.com as representative of the bottom line goals of all vegan-activist organizations.)

May I also respectfully suggest that there are other, far more equitable and reasonable ways to protect animals and encourage adequate animal husbandry than to rob an individual of 200 animals when 4 cages are found to be dirty.

Thank you for listening.

Aug 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

I raised Rex rabbits as a girl and my mom would have whooped my ass if my cages looked like that. Deplorable! The situation could have indeed been handled better, I have had house bunnies but never ever let them eat an improper diet. I think some of these animal welfare people go way to far. A rabbit that can't walk or has Pasteurella needs to be put down. I want to start a new generation of people with purebred show bunny house pets. I get dirty looks from animal welfare people when I told them I had a pedigreed Belgian hare house rabbit. He wasn't good for breeding, but he used a litter box etc. He was much better behaved than a dog or cat and no smell!
Some of the inbred mutts at the shelters are giving bunnies a bad rap. A lot of them have bad personalities etc. There are exceptions of course.

Aug 18, 2011
Dead rabbit story!!
by: Anonymous

The news showed ONE rabbit being placed in a bag. This was a rabbit that was left with Ms. Bell a few days earlier for zoo food. The other dead rabbits were in her freezer to be delivered for raptor/zoo use. This is being "GREEN" in today's world.
Rabbits are livestock that a few people turn into house pets.

Aug 04, 2011
USA - Yes Gestapo - NO
by: Anonymous

Whoever posted the thing about showing them carrying many dead rabbits out must have never heard of "EDITING". All you need to do is edit one clip into a video over and over and it will APPEAR to be many rabbits when in reality is only ONE !

The media had the opportunity to do anything they want including use photo shop editing programs to make things worse than they really are. THAT is the way the Gestapo was in Germany when they persecuted millions.

Is THAT what we want this country to be ??? I have a dear friend whose mother lived during that time and I've edited his pictures. It's horrifying the things I've edited for him.

So think about it... Rabbits today... what about tomorrow ?? Children ? Old people who can't work anymore (like me)? Think hard !!!


Aug 02, 2011
What we're talking about
by: Moderator

Because the cops show up, this is proof of a 'guilty' verdict?

This was our point entirely --- what you *saw* may not represent the actual facts in the case.

And, because the facts were not reported accurately on many fronts, we have reason to not simply assume this woman is guilty as charged.

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