What Is With This Bunny?

by Shelby

I have a beautiful Blue Eyed White Lionhead doe that I breed about 34 days back for the first time but I left her in with the buck for about 3 days. I did the same thing with two of my other does with their bucks and they had their babies two days ago.

The BEW has hardly any hay in her nest box but she is digging behind her nest box and she has gotten moodier than she's ever been. I'm not sure if she took but some signs are there and some aren't!?!?!? I think she may have taken on one of the later days but I'm not sure. Please help! Is she pregnant?!?!?

[****Karen Sez****
I think you're probably right...but it could also be that she actually did not take. She could have had a false pregnancy.

Pregnancy clues are just that -- clues, and every doe is a little different. Besides, how tame the doe is can also make a bit of a difference.

At this point, give her till day 40 from first putting the buck and doe together (since you left her in with the buck for several days) before deciding there's no bunnies forthcoming.

Good luck, and God bless you,

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Oct 25, 2011
false pregnancy
by: Anonymous

I would leave her nestbox in until 32 or 34 days from the LAST day she was in with the buck. I've had several false pregnancies with my does... in fact the one that made the most beautiful nest of all mine and not a single baby. Just part of breeding in any species. LOL

Rebreed her at the end of the time I mentioned above.. and just try again. I've read posts where they say just rebreeding will induce labor. ?? I'm not an expert so I just try to do what works best for me.

Still learning !!

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