What breed is my rabbit?

by Jade
(New York)

My sister's roommate was leaving and had a pet rabbit, which she gave to me. She wasn’t sure what breed she was and I’m not sure either. The bunny is soft and small, and the ears stand straight up. She’s white with grey spots. I believe she’s about 5 months or 6....

***** Karen Sez *****

I think I have a very good idea what breed your rabbit is! That is, without seeing a pedigree or anything.

Hop over to this web page and tell me if you think your rabbit looks like the one pictured on that page??

Here's what I think the circumstances might have been: The rabbit you recently acquired might possibly be purebred.

But as you can see, your bunny is missing some spots on the face, which means it cannot be shown as a purebred. That is a problem for a show rabbit breeder, but would make no difference at all to a pet rabbit owner, however! So the breeder may have sold the bunny as a pet.

And that is good fortune for you! If this is the case, yours would be a lovely English Spot, albeit not showable. Another hint at the rabbit being possibly purebred is the bunny's stance - English Spots are an arched breed, meaning they like to stand alert and not hug the floor or show table.

BUT: I also suspect there might also be some dwarf blood in this rabbit, making it a mixed breed containing English Spot, Dwarf, and possibly other genetics. The spotting pattern would have come from English Spot forebears, while other breed genetics would have contaminated the correct genetic spotting code, resulting in those missing face markings.

No matter, of course! I hope you are able to enjoy your rabbit for many years to come.

PS: The bunny looks quite small - I would guess at an age of perhaps 3 to 3.5 months for this rabbit, do you think this is a plausible guess?

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