What Breed is My Rabbit?

by Rebecca

Hi, I have a black small buck. He is about 3 months old. He has a very distinctive sheen on his coat, and he has blackish purple-ish eyes? Is he possibly a Havana rabbit? Also this other bun, his bonded pal. I think he is possibly part Chinchilla or something? He is about 4 or 5 lbs. Please help me! Thanks, R.

***** Karen Sez *****

Hey Rebecca,
Had to delete one of your pics - it must have been the one of the black rabbit taken at night or something - nuthin' discernible.

The remaining photo is of what looks like a chocolate-colored rabbit, of the correct size for a Havana. You might be right about this rabbit and this breed, as Havanas come in chocolate, and frequently have distinctly shiny coats (though not as shiny as Satin rabbits).

See how easy that was?

It's kinda fun to try to figure out rabbit breeds. YOU have at hand both the rabbit, the history, and the scale to get the animal's weight. With the correct breed and genetics information, you yourself can figure out what breed your rabbit is, if indeed the rabbit is not a hopeless mix of 13-and-a-half different breeds.

That is why I created the "Domestic Rabbit Breeds" e-book.

It outlines ALL the US rabbit breeds and many of those in Europe. There are a ton of photos to which you can compare your rabbit, along with the main distinctions of each breed. Armed with this information, a little sleuthing will help you arrive at an accurate guess as to your rabbit's breed, unless, as I noted, the critter is hopelessly mixed. And in this case, ain't no one gonna figure out its ancestry.

Lastly, the e-book is stinkin' cheap.

Get the e-book. You'll enjoy reading it, and you'll find the clues so you can figure out your own rabbit's likely breed.

Domestic Rabbit Breeds

Enjoy your rabbits!

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Jul 13, 2016
by: Rebecca

Thanks for responding so quickly. I love it!

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