Update Doe not taking her babies

by Linda
(Platteville, CO)

Doe with newborn litter

Doe with newborn litter

Thank you for all the help this site provides.

I asked a question about 9 months ago about my doe not caring for her litter and got some very good advice. I let her get back in shape and bred her again. Again she had 10 babies and lost all of them.

I was ready to give up but a friend said try 1 more time so I did. This time I had another doe which I bred as well, thinking if the first doe wouldn't take care of her litter then the other one would. They were due 6/3/13. On 6/1 the older doe went into labor. She had never had trouble so I just went on to bed, and got up in the morning to find her dead and 1 kit dead. I took her out and cleaned the cage. There was a lot of blood; a friend said she probably prolapsed. I was heartbroke.

My other doe on the 3rd was acting funny and I was scared, I would go in often to see if she was okay and late evening I went in for the last time and found her laying in the pen and 7 babies in the nest box. I looked in and the babies were fat so I am sure she fed them. I am so proud of her and the next morning she had made a better nest and babys again were fat. :)

So with all your help from this site I am now the proud owner of 3 does, 3 bucks and 7 baby Flemish Giants. I have learned a lot from this site :)

***** Karen Sez *****
Wow, so happy to hear of your successes! Thanks for thinking to send us a photo of the very cute new litter! Your persistence and willingness to work with the doe has paid off very well. Your rabbits are in great hands. :-))

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