Unsure if 3 month old Rex doe is pregnant

by Julie
(Humble, Texas)

I got a new female Rex rabbit from a pet store. The pet store kept their rabbits male and female together. The rabbits are all 3 months old. Is it possible for a rabbit that young to have babies?

When I got my rabbit she would scratch me and anyone else when we tried to pick her up. We put her in a temporary cage because she kept on biting and scratching. She also never stops eating and will just lay not even hop. I try to palpate her but I don't want to hurt any unknown babies if she has some.

When I do palpate I can't feel anything. Also when you pull (softly) at the fur underneath her body (chest, stomach, and side) the fur comes off in chunks she also started scratching at her bedding and putting it in the corner of her cage. Is she pregnant and how far??

***** Karen Sez *****
Sounds like your rabbit is acting pregnant, however it is not very likely, unless someone goofed with the ages. She could also be in the throes of a false pregnancy. A 3-month-old Rex rabbit doe will *probably* not be mature enough yet to get pregnant. But, if the animal is actually 14 weeks old (3.5 months), the chance she is pregnant rises significantly.

Just in case, since you just acquired the rabbit, you might want to give her a nest box just in case. It won't hurt for her to have it if she's not pregnant, but it will be a big problem if she is pregnant and doesn't have a nest. It's hard to say how far along a pregnancy might be in her case, which is why you could simply put in a nest box now. Keep tabs on the inside of it, and clean it out if the doe doesn't keep it clean.

Let's address a big problem - your doe should never be allowed to bite or scratch people. YOU are the Big Bunny - pin her shoulders to the cage floor firmly and speak loudly and firmly to it: "Stop it! I'm the big bunny here." Keep her pinned until she stops displaying the aggressive behavior that precedes a bite or claw attack - stiff legs, tail up like a flag, for example. Discipline her with pinning every time she crosses a line aggressively and attempts to scratch or bite.

That said, the ONLY time I allow a doe to be aggressive is when she's pregnant or lactating. If your doe is indeed pregnant, then her behavior stems from strong instincts rather than from a dangerous personality. And if so, it should subside and she should become more sweet when her hormones normalize.

Until you learn whether or not she is pregnant, simply give the doe her space and interact with her very carefully. A rabbit pregnancy lasts just 31 days, so you'll have your answer sooner rather than later. Good luck!

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Aug 13, 2021
4 month old standard rex female
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if I could breed my 4 month old standard rex doe can any one tell me.

***** Karen Sez *****
Rex rabbits are considered adults at age 6 months. You'll do your rabbit a favor to wait till then to breed her.

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