Unexpected Rabbit Babies!

by Samantha Meronowich
(Seba Beach, Alberta Canada )

4 live rabbit babies in the black fur

4 live rabbit babies in the black fur

I went to a breeder wanting two bunnies of the same sex and ended up leaving with three that I was assured were males. She had two in one cage. She said that they were brothers and could stay in the same cage and not fight.

So a few weeks later I felt something was not right so I separated the brothers. They weren't fighting or anything but I had a gut feeling that they shouldn't be together. This morning I came home from work and there was a bunch of black fur in the back of the one cage and to my fright it started to move. After I calmed myself down I could see 4 naked things in the fur. With mixed emotions I figured out that this breeder was mistaken and in fact "he" was a she.

I have little to no clue on what to look for as in health...or anything about baby bunnies. Only reason I know that all 4 are alive is because as I stared in disbelief they all were moving. So if anyone with any advice could pass on would I would be forever thankful!

***** Karen Sez *****

Sorry for your fright! :-) It is remarkable how many times this scenario plays out around the globe. This is why we are happy to provide so much free information on Raising-Rabbits about taking care of newborn rabbit bunnies. Here is the page that links all the information from breeding to weaning:


Including sexing rabbits! It's a bit late for that at this point, but in about 6 weeks or so, it'llcome in very handy for the four new bunnies you now have. Maybe you will be able to correctly tell the gender of your babies, so if you sell them or give them away, the same thing won't happen:


If you need more than what this website offers for free (and there's a lot of info here), then our e-book, Rabbit Reproduction, will be the tool that will likely answer the remainder of your questions:


Or if you prefer, our book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, answers all sorts of rabbit-related questions in a question-and-answer format.


Before I sign off, let me clear up some bad advice: You cannot house two male rabbits together indefinitely, even if they are brothers. They will eventually fight, possibly to the point of one killing the other.

I hope you enjoy caring for your rabbits and bunnies despite the initial shock and fright!

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