Uncertain pregnancy? Building a nest far too soon?

by Anna
(North West England)

I have two does and the buck accidentally got out with them. A week later my doe began building a nest from fur n hay. So I removed the other doe. Then this doe also built a nest in her new cage. Both does have mad e their nests bigger since then. I can't feel anything yet both does nipples are swollen and they are acting very territorial n will hardly let me see stroke them. If pregnant this is day 23. Do I'm put nesting box's in? Why is the nest built so early? Please help I want the best for my lilly and flower.

***** Karen Sez *****
Do your two does live together? Very early nest-building is usually a sign of false pregnancies. Swollen teats also occur with false pregnancies. Given that the nesting behaviour started at 1 week, I'd bet at least one doe was already in the throes of a false pregnancy before the rendezvous with the buck.

But, better not take my word for it, since it's spring time! Best put those nesting boxes in just in case!

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